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Please go through the following DIY list; if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can look through the Q&A and/or ask a new question about your sprinkler timer.

This do-it-yourself page will help you troubleshoot and diagnose problems with the Irritrol Rain Dial RD-600 and other irrigation systems.  We don’t want you to send in a sprinkler timer in for repair if it doesn’t need it. Click the links below to navigate the troubleshooting sections.  If you’re asking “How do I …”, keep reading.

For RainDial RD-600, 900, 1200 PROGRAMMING HELP and manuals, click here

Choose the Rain Dial RD600 series problem DIY troubleshooting topic below.

  1. Rain Dial Sprinkler/irrigation valves chatter or buzz or water pressure seems low.
  2. Rain Dial Display says FUS or FU5 and a number
  3. Rain Dial Display shows 5En or SEn
  4. Rain Dial Display shows OF1 or OF… some number
  5. Rain Dial Dispaly shows P:On or P:Off
  6. Rain Dial Display shows OFF or blinks when turning on a valve manually
  7. Rain Dial Display is blinking – see above
  8. Rain Dial Time is frozen or cannot change the time
  9. Rain Dial Valves do not come on when they’re supposed to
  10. Rain Dial Determine if the valves are good
  11. Rain Dial Valves are stuck on or come on when they’re not supposed to
  12. Rain Dial Valves will not shut off
  13. Rain Dial The case door won’t open or you lost your key 
  14. Rain Dial The case door breaks off or comes apart

Choose from Other Helpful Rain Dial and DIY troubleshooting “How do I …” topics below

  1. RainDial How to check the fuse
  2. Rain Dial How to test the transformer to know if the transformer is bad
  3. Rain Dial How to test if the valves or solenoids are bad.
  4. Rain Dial How to reset the RainDial controller and set it to factory defaults
  5. Rain Dial Programming tutorial
  6. Rain Dial Programming worksheet
  7. Rain Dial Typical Sprinkler Valve Wiring Diagram

Here is a video showing common symptoms that indicate when a Rain Dial Controller needs to be repaired.

If this information wasn’t enough to resolve the issue, we can help:
Send Rain Dial Timers in for repair?

RD600 Repair

Irritrol Rain Dial RD600 repair services

For other issues, or ones that are in progress and do not have a link yet, just contact us, or see details here: How do I send it in for repair?


129 thoughts on “DIY Troubleshooting

  1. I had a power outage for 24 hours. My Rain Maker worked after this, however, it was the wrong time of day, so I turned it off during the cycle. Display was blinking so I reprogrammed the unit. After programming and when I moved the set programs button to run or manual, it won’t start at all. What can be wrong. This never happened before.

    • Hi Shirley,

      If (no matter what valve you try to turn on) it just goes back to “OFF” or blinks or acts strangely on the display, it just needs repairing. I do them often and would appreciate your business if you’re willing. If it only happens with One valve, then the valve solenoid is probably bad and needs replacing, but I’d doubt that based on your description.

      If the timer seems to be working (I couldn’t tell from your message) but the water isn’t coming on, let me know and I’ll guide you through the other troubleshooting steps to figure it out.

      You can email me at if you have other questions.


  2. My Rain Dial is blank in the window where it should show the time or other functions. I changed the 9 volt battery, but that didn’t help. I tried unplugging it inside the box and plugging it back in, but that also did no good.

    • Hi Valorie,

      What model number is shown near the Semi-Auto button in the lower left corner of your timer, and what brand is it – either Irritrol or Hardie).

      Then I can help more.

  3. I have a rain sensor, but I don’t think it is working properly. It flashes SEn but there has been no rain. I looked inside the unit and notice that there is an orange wire that is not connected. Any idea where that might go?

    • Hi Mike, I don’t think the wire is the issue, it’s likely a problem we repair. I’d send the backboard and timer in for repair. It’s pretty common to have some extra, unconnected wires because the wire bundles have a set number of wires in them and they don’t all get used based on how many valves you nave.

      If you want, you can send me a photo of the wiring and I can take a look. send it to

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