Rain Dial station does not shut off before the next station starts

One station does not shut off before the RD-600 series timer starts the next station

This is typically caused by either programming issues, a failing valve, or sometimes low water pressure.

  1. To troubleshoot this problem, look at the RainDial display when both stations are on at the same time.
    1. If you see both station numbers appear at the same time, there is a programming problem. Check your programming to make sure you don’t have two schedules overlapping when they turn on a station.  If programmed correctly, you should never see two station numbers appear at the same time.
    2. If you only see one number at a time, then the valve is just slow to turn off.  You may need to replace the valve or at least the valve guts. See the DIY Troubleshooting page for more information on that.
    3. There are advanced sprinkler timer settings that can control the delay between turning off one valve and turning on the next, but normally you don’t need to change it.
  2. Finally, there are some uncommon cases where low water pressure can impact how fast a valve turns off.   Do not confuse this with the case when the sprinkler timer is not able to turn on a valve, or it appears to be a low-pressure problem caused by chattering valves.  Refer to the DIY Troubleshooting page for information about that problem.  It’s something that we repair often.

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