Irritrol RainDial Repair Instructions – How to get your Timer Repaired

(If a store item is out of stock, consider doing a repair instead. )

Irritrol RD600 series RainDial Repair Instructions – This page answers common questions about the repair process. You can also buy Irritrol RainDials from our store.

Quick Summary of the Irritrol RainDial Repair Steps:  

  1. Remove the controller and back connector board (not the case) (See removal instructions and videos)
  2. Mail controller & back connector board to the address below; cost is ~$9
  3. We’ll repair and return it typically within 2 days or less
  4. No need to pay first, we’ll send you payment information paypal/credit card later
  5. No charge for the repair if we can’t fix it.
  6. Why Choose Us?

Detailed information about the Irritrol RainDial Repair Process:

  1. Repair Cost (you can pay after I fix it, no repair charge if I can’t): Repair cost ranges from $49 to $69 depending on the model and problems.  Use the contact us form to get specific information about your model and the problem you’re seeing. 
  2. Repair time: Typically 2 days or less, often the same day. You can also schedule a repair-while-you-wait. 
  3. What’s needed
    1. The controller unit without the battery – just 30 seconds to remove the ribbon cable from the back-connector-board and pop it off the hinges. (The website has instructions if you need them) 
    2. Back-connector board (not the “housing” or transformer, just the white or yellow board).   Sometimes this isn’t necessary to send – but we always recommend sending it. If you’re not comfortable removing it, let me know.  With a few more questions we should be able to determine how critical it is to send it. If you have a “mostly blue label” controller, or models with -R at the end you must send it.  
      • Just loosen the screws holding the wires, slide them out, then remove 4 “Philips” screws that hold it into the case.  
      • Do not send the entire case (it’s too much work), just the yellow or white connector board with all the screw terminals. 
      • TIPS on removing the back connector board – Watch the Video
        • Take a picture of the wiring before you remove them to use as a reference when you hook it back up. 
        • Disconnect the power first, or at least remove the red and yellow 24VAC wires first and cover each end with tape so they do not touch each other or anything else while you work. This protects the transformer from shorting out.

Drop-off/Mailing/Shipping Address info: (Note the mailing suggestions below.)

Brian Keller
5435 W. Greenbriar Dr.
Glendale, AZ, 85308

Drop Off Info:  Any time, day or night, put it in the brown storage box located behind the post near my front door; include your name and phone number.

I’ll contact you when it’s repaired and tested, and will provide payment instructions. 

P.S., Be wary of buying used ones or exchanging them — better to get your original unit back.  If you buy used, un-refurbished units, they’re likely to fail soon due to their age and not having been refurbished.   

Additional information worth noting:

  • Please look at the RainDialDoctor . com website for a full description of the service we provide. 
  • What label model do you have: See the raindialdoctor dot com website; the picture at the top has two common models showing two labels: mostly-blue, and mostly-gray.
  • In rare cases where the controller is in poorer than average condition, additional parts/time may be required and add to the cost.  If this happens, I’ll contact you ahead of time to get your agreement before you pay anything for the repair.  This is very rare (10%), so we always plan for the standard amounts listed above.   
  • If I can’t fix it, there’s no repair charge, although I’ll charge return shipping (~$9) if you want me to send it back.
  • We provide a 1yr. warranty on the work performed – but honestly, if the portion we fix fails after that, we’ll probably still fix it for free after that; we think that’s the right thing to do. 

Irritrol RainDial Repair Mailing/Shipping/Payment Suggestions:

  • Irritrol RainDial Repair Recommendations for USPS: priority mail – free box/envelope, self serve station – usually ~ $9
    • controller only:  use small priority mail flat rate box
    • controller & backboard: you can squeeze them in the 9-1/2, 12-1/2 envelope or padded one if avail.
Recommended RainDialShippingOptions


  • Payment Options (after the repair)
    • If dropping off at our location, please leave cash in the blue envelope in the drop-off box. 
    • Paypal can be used — Please use the payment link on the rainDialDoctor website.
    • If paying by check (payable to Brian Keller), please send it with the controller for the assumed amount shown plus postage if applicable.