How to manually turn on a station with the timer

You can use the timer to manually turn on a valve:

First, determine if the RainDial controller “thinks” it’s turning on the valve by watching the LCD screen when you turn a valve on.  Do this as follows:

  1. Set the bottom center switch on Run (all the way to the right)
  2. Turn the dial on the a station number you want to turn on,
  3. Add some minutes by pressing “+” a few times
  4. Press the Manual On button.

You should see

  1. M:nn on the display, where nn is the number of minutes left to run, starting with the number you added with the “+” button.
  2. The station number appears in the top row of the LCD display.

If you do not see the number:

  1. If it displays FUS or FU5, see this page here.
  2. If the LCD blinks and says off, try the same thing with a different valve.  If both behave the same or similar, the controller has most likely failed and the best thing to do is send it to us for repair and we’ll take care of the problem for you.  If only one station has a problem, that particular valve solenoid may be bad.
  3. If you do see the number, the controller at least “thinks” it has turned on the valve and you know the timer’s basic control functions are working.  If valves are not turning on, see this link about what to do when valves are not coming on when they should be.