What to do if the display is blank

If the Irritrol RD600/900/1200 irrigation timer display is blank, do the following simple 9V battery test first, then follow the links based on the results. Note that if you recently replaced the 9V and think it’s good, it’s probably dead because of of the issues; be sure to double check it.

  • Insert a fresh 9V battery and see if the display comes on and you can see the current time, etc.
    • If it does come on and the valves still do not turn on, see this link on the DIY troubleshooting page for more information about what to do if the valves don’t come on when they should.  Specifically, look at sections
    • If it does not come on, try the next step after
      • double-check your 9V battery and even try a different, fresh one to be sure.  It’s uncommon for the timer won’t come on with a fresh battery, but it can happen.
      • Perform a factory resetFollow these steps to perform a factory reset , for both types of timers (newer and older).
      • See this link for additional information.
      • If it still doesn’t work: Contact us using the contact form or email us at RainDialDoctor@gmail.com; we can provide additional help and answer questions that you have and provide repair information; we’re happy to help.