Irritrol RainDial Plus Information

I often get questions about the RainDial Plus model instead of the more commonly found RainDial RD0600, 900 or 1200.

There are a few notable features/behaviors that the RainDial Plus exhibits.

  1. Opn/Open – this indicates an open circuit, usually not a timer problem.  Refer to this link for additional information.
  2. If there is no power to the timer (bad transformer, open breaker, etc.) the timer will just show “OFF” when you try to manually turn on a station. You can tell if AC power is getting to the timer by setting the dial to the “time” position and looking at the ” : ” between the hours and minutes.  If it’s blinking, the timer is getting AC power.  If it is solid, the timer is only getting power from the battery.  Refer to this page, items C and D for power input, and transformer checkout
  3. The way to manually turn on a valve is different than the rainDial series of timers.   You add some minutes and then press the left Semi-auto/Manual button instead of the right “Manual” button.