Manually turn on a sprinkler valve without using a timer

People are often concerned that they’re yard will dry up while waiting for your RD600 RD900, or RD1200 irrigation timer to be repaired. We normally get them in the mail back to you the day after we receive it so it’s usually not a problem.   if you’re concerned, there are some other watering options.

Of course you can always get out the garden hose and hand water some dry spots, but there’s also another way.  Below you’ll find a good link to a YouTube video of someone showing how to manually turn on a typical valve.

Note that sometimes the solenoids (the cylindrical shaped thing with the wires coming out of it) don’t have a little handle on them like the ones shown in the video, but you can still turn them as shown.  The ‘bleeder’ valve may leak a little when it’s on, this is normal.

You can usually find the valves in a box in the ground like one of these.


Image result for sprinkler box

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