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3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. Hello
    Need some help
    I have the RD-600.
    I am using only the A & B settings.
    These settings work fine – automatic timing, and manually if needed.
    All has worked fine – Setting A 3x per day for my lawn sprinklers. Setting B 2x per day for my garden sprinklers. All run times are separate, not the same or overlapping times.
    Today I attempted to add a 3rd watering time for my B Setting.only.
    Now the B settng is no longer working for the garden spriklers, rather the B setting now ONLY turning on the A setting sprinklers…..
    The A setting continues to work as the A setting is programmed, but now the B setting is not working – it is only turning on the A setting lawn sprinklers.
    I tried the B setting manually – which worked fine before – but now the system only activates the A setting lawn sprinklers..
    Appears I did something wrong.
    I am going out of town tonight so need help ASAP.
    Please help

    • Hi Fred,

      I know you’re in a hurry, so I sent you an email with my number; give me a call.


  2. On the A B C button – cannot switch the button to A, so I am not able to see the day of the week displayed.

    • Hi Patty,

      The day of the week should be viewable regardless of the ABC setting. Can you provide more information about what you’re trying to see and do. Does the ABC switch appear to be broken so that you can’t push it up to the A-position?

      Let me know and we can get it figured out.

      • Thank you for your reply. I’ve always been able to see the days of the week but now button is stuck on C. Each day shows up with SKIP in upper corner so went to Skip on dial and turned it to off. I could then see Friday displayed for today but no other day of the week. If sprinklers go on in morning then I think I bypassed that problem. Thing is I had entire outside valve box replaced yesterday and repair guy said the timer was not working properly and I would need to replace that as well. Spent $1200 for the box yesterday so not thrilled about any more expense at this point. Anything else you can suggest? Appreciate your help.

        • Hi Patricia,

          If things don’t work tomorrow, I believe you can get it going by doing a factory reset; see the DIY Troubleshooting page for instructions. Let me know what happens tomorrow.


          • My turning off the SKIP seems to have worked since the system went on this morning. But I will keep in mind the factory reset in event something else comes up. Thank you!

  3. I’m having what appears to be an issue with one of my Raindial controllers. I’m using all the stations and all three programs running six drip irrigation valves. One of the programs is operating two separate valves that are irrigating trees that require long run times, like three and four hours. I’ve spaced the on times for all the valves so there’s no overlap. However, I’ve noticed when I have this program running these two valves I’m not seeing the second turn on after the first valve completes its watering cycle. I can operate the second valve manually, but it doesn’t appear turn on after the first valve cycles off. I’m stumped.

    • Hi JT,

      I’d suggest doing a factory reset and see if that clears up the problem. See the DIY troubleshooting page for instructions. If that doesn’t work, let me know more about the schedule you are programming.

      Let me know if the reset helps or not.


  4. I’m trying to find manufacturing dates for an older RD 600. Nothing on the board or back of the module. The transformer possibly says 01 jan. The back of the controller module does say Date code: 0112 and the serial number is 183293. Just trying to figure out how old it is.

    • Hi Jesse,

      The date is usually under the 9v battery and would be something like mmddyy.
      based on your transformer saying 01, jan, it’s probably a 2001 model, which is a good one. The older gray timers are much better than the newer ones and well worth repairing.

      let me know more information about what’s wrong and I can help more.


  5. When setting my grass ( zones 3 &4) to run in semi-auto mode , display shows zone 1 on(no such zone) and nothing comes on. Previously 3 & 4 would run, but then afterwards, zone 2 would start to run(bushes). This is a refurbished RD600 controller (about 2-3 yrs old). Doyou think I need a new controller? Thanks.

    • I’m confident that it’s just a programming issue and not a problem with the timer.
      I would follow the instructions to do a factory reset, that should clear everything out except for the default program. Then you can program it is you need to.
      If you have any trouble, let me know. I also offer a service or I’ll walk you through programming into pegging issues like this. If you’re interested in that just let me know.


    • Look at the do it yourself troubleshooting section, you’ll find a line item that talks about using the skip days feature. There’s a pretty good description of how it works. If that doesn’t help, let me know.


    • Hi Merlin,

      I’m not aware of any timer on the market that would reduce pressure. Most simply turn on or off a valve, and the valves themselves do not have any pressure regulation capability. There are pressure reducers you can install in-line with the valve, but if you want electronic control of the pressure, it’d take more specialized equipment that I have not seen before.

      There is a failure mode for the timer that appears to cause less pressure, but that’s just something that needs to be repaired, and it’s really not changing pressure, but is cycling the valve on and off.

      hopefully that answers your question.

  6. Hi Doctor Brian,
    I hope you can be the solution to my yard watering system.
    My family had moved into a home 2 year ago and we inherited an Irritrol RD-600-R. The system has only worked by being run from battery, and have experienced a shorter than expected battery life. I have had to reprogram it a number of times and it had been giving grief more and more often. Now it has stopped cooperating all together, though the display shows proper settings (even a manual time count down), the sprinklers and bubblers do not participate.
    I can go to my valve boxes and manually turn on and off the water for the time being and fortunately, I live approximately 8 miles north west of your location.
    I hope you can help me mate ! I am happy to bring by to your location the front swing/LED panel or anything else per your direction.
    Please share your thoughts when time permits.
    Thank you, Gary

    • Hi Gary,

      I’m sure we can help. I’ll email you all the repair info.

      Thanks for posting,

  7. Hi I haven’t ran my system in years had some come replace the pressure regulator then tells me the meter controller is bad because it’s only running 1 zone do controllers just stop working or is it something else I can do.

    • Hi John,

      It’s pretty uncommon for the timer to only run 1 zone, and not the others. I would not expect the timer to be the full issue. It’s likely the valves or the wiring have gotten messed up over the years of not being used. If you have a volt meter, you could measure the voltage between VC and the valve wire when you turn it on; that’ll tell you if the timer is working. You can also try swapping the ‘good working’ valve wire on the back tterminal board with one that isn’t working and try it. That way you know you have a good valve and wiring that you can use to check all the terminals on the backboard.

      does that make sense?
      let me know,

  8. Hi:
    We have a TC-6IN-R. When you open and close the door the screen will sometimes go blank. Sometimes it will “wake-up” if you move the door again. It will always “wake-up” if you turn the dial. We have replaced battery and tested transformer. We have wiggled all wires and can not reproduce issue. We have removed cable and cleaned conductors. Unit is positioned interior. Even when the unit “wakes” back up it sporadically will open and close valves. Thoughts? Next steps?

    • Hi Jake,

      That sounds like something I can repair. I don’t think there’s much else you can do on your end; you’ve done a great job troubleshooting (thanks).
      I’ll send repair info to your email address.


  9. I have an RD 1200 R. Stations 1-10 are on A, and stations 11 & 12 are on B. Originally the B stations were on a different schedule; now they are on the same schedule, but with an earlier start time. Right now both are on the #1 start time. It appears that A and B are going off at the right times (B before A), but A starts over from the beginning [going from station 10 back to 1, etc. Once I realized this was happening, I’ve just been turning the dial off when it start in again (usually after a couple of stations have been double-watered). I suspect that I have done something wrong in the settings, but I don’t know what.

    • Hi Jack,

      That sounds like there’s something programmed in the timer that you’re not expecting. Usually it’s an overlap issue or unexpected start times.
      If in doubt, reset the timer to the defaults (see the DIY Troubleshooting page).
      Then review the programming information on the programming tutorial and info page. That should be enough to get things going for you.

      If it’s helpful, please leave us a donation, we’d appreciate it. If you’re still having issues, let me know and we can schedule a time in the evening or a weekend to go through it on the phone.

    • Hi Janine,
      I’m glad you find it. It’s also on the DIY Troubleshooting page. If the site was helpful, please consider leaving us a donation.
      I’m glad you were able to get things working again,

  10. I have an RD600 EXT model that is old. I was resetting the timer because it was set for the wrong days. Now the daily time is flashing between the current time and OF4 and the sprinklers will not run. Please help because we of course are leaving on a trip tomorrow. Thank you

  11. After watering all the zone yesterday, I noticed that one of the sprinkler heads was bad. I replaced it, but now when I tried to test it, the manual watering for a couple of minutes didn’t work, and now the whole system doesn’t work. The display looks like it should be working, but none of the sprinklers at any of the zones are not triggered. I have followed the process of resetting it (unplug the 18-pin cable, taking the battery off, and replunging it; the rest seems ok, but the system does not work.
    Please help,

    • Hi Dan,

      Just put ‘transformer’ in the search box at the top of the page; you’ll find what you’re looking for.
      If it’s helpful, please leave us a donation 🙂


  12. I do not know why but I can’t seem to open the emails that you sent 5/1 and 5/3. I know that I was able to open your response to my original email from this site. I did receive the the controller back already and want to settle up on what I owe you. Let’s try this way to see if I can get an email that I can open.

    • Hi Dennis,

      The earthlink email screening service is a little inconvenient sometimes; I’m not sure why the emails are not going through.
      You can go to the menu above “Make a payment or donation” and enter $49. I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you.


  13. My rain dial rd1200 system, the time does not move no matter the setting.What’s my system problem?

    • Hi Rich,

      I’d suggest following the factory reset steps on the DIY Troubleshooting page; that should get you up and running again. If not, let me know.


    • Hi Cassandra,

      When the valve is on and it’s not supposed to be, look at the display. If the display shows the valve number in the top row of the display, then there is a programming problem of some sort. Try doing a factory reset (see the DIY Troubleshooting page).

      If the timer does not indicate that the valve is still on, then it’s likely a problem with the valve itself and it may need to be rebuilt – see the DIY page about what to do when the water won’t turn off when it’s supposed to.

      Let me know what you find out,

    • Hi Ron,

      Try doing a factory reset and see fi that clears it up. If not, let me know and we’ll try something else.


  14. Brian,
    I have a RD-600 which you provided in exchange for my broken one several years ago. Now that one is failing. I would like to purchase the upgrade to the RD-600-R.

    Can I pick that up at your Glendale address? When would it be available?

    Thank you

    • Hi Bob,

      I’m happy to help. That was like 7 years ago I think. Even so, I wouldn’t expect it to have the same problem again. Bring it by, I’ll take a look.


    • Hi Dennis,

      I assume it’s going back to the default settings of every day, 10min on every valve at 7am. If different, let me know. Otherwise, I’d suggest sending it for repair. I’ll drop you an email with details.


      • Hi Dennis,

        I sent an email, but you have some sort of email screening service enable. I submitted a request; if you don’t get it, let me know.


  15. I have a Rain Dial R with a Mini-Receiver (CL-MR). Using smart logic gateway.
    Is there a way to temporally disable wifi control so that the program can be changed or run manually from the controller itself? Wifi seems to disable local controls. Thanks

    • Hi Richard, Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the wireless receivers. You might try looking at the Irritrol web site. You might try switching the switch to bypass and see if that gets you what you’re looking for.

      Let me know what you find out.

  16. I have P/N 781001 RD-1200 model.
    I cannot get the time to change from pm to am. I hold the arrow button down to cycle through but it never changes

    • Hi Susie,
      Can you be a little more descriptive? There isn’t an arrow button on the RD-1200. If you mean the ‘+’ button, then it’s likely you need to put the bottom center switch into the middle position to ‘set programs’
      Then you can change the time.

      Let me know what you find out,

  17. Reprogramming RD-1200 and I’m getting a :skip mode in the lower left of screen. I can’t set the days on or off either. Unplugged unit, changed battery and it is stuck in the skip mode function.

    Help !

    • Hi Jim,

      My DIY Troubleshooting page has more info on the Irritrol ‘skip mode’ setting. You should be able to find what you’re looking for there; if not, let me know.

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