How do I remove the back connector board?

It’s always best to send the back connector board with the controller unit, and there’s no extra charge for working on it. Removing the back connector board is easy; you just need to keep track of the wires and where they go.

Use the steps below, or watch this video.

    1. Just loosen the screws holding the wires, slide them out, then simply remove 4 “Philips” screws that hold it  into the case.  
    2. Do not remove the entire case (it’s too much work), just the yellow or white connector board with all the screw terminals. 
    3. Here are some tips on removing the back connector board
      1. Always disconnect power first, or at least remove the red and yellow 24VAC wires first and cover each end with tape so they do not touch each other or anything else while you work. This protects the transformer from shorting out
      2. Take a picture of the wiring or label the wires before you remove them, Use it as a guide when you hook it back up. 


If you have any questions, just let us know.

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16 thoughts on “How do I remove the back connector board?

  1. I have a Irritrol RD-1200. The display blinks “FUS” holding down the + or – display shows “0F9” then “FUS”. Trying to start a valve on “manual” will cause the display to show the minutes I asked for then immediately to off….i.e. if I asked valve one to give me 10 minutes it will go to “off” immediately.
    I probably need you to look at it ….right?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Doug,

      I sent you a separate email with more details. the OFn message information can be found on the DIY Troubleshooting page; take a look there. Same with the FUS info. If you have other questions, just let me know.

  2. I noticed my Rain Dial – R (RD-900-R) wasn’t working. When I looked, I saw nothing in the display window. When I changed the battery, I was able to set the clock but nothing else seemed to work. Would this be the connector? Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Chad,
      I don’t believe it’s the connector, more likely the timer needs to be repaired. I’d suggest doing a full reset (see the DIY page) and if that doesn’t work, send it in for repair.


  3. When the sprinklers come on the valves makes a fast loud clicking sound.

    The sprinklers still work

    My unity is RD 900

    Thank you

    • Hi Valentin,
      That’s a classic symptom of a problem I repair. I’d suggest sending it in; I usually turn them around in a day. See the other page on my site that summarizes the repair process, or drop me an email at

      Brian – aka the irritrol RD600 series rainDialDoctor

  4. I have a mostly gray RD-1200, it wasn’t working so I unplugged the power and battery. After I reconnected the power, some volves will just click and not water and valves will water be click will doing so, Do I need a new controller board??


    • Hi Joel,

      Yes, you need a new RD-1200 controller module. What you’ve described is the classic symptom. I’m happy to repair it for you if you’d like. I’ll drop you a separate email, or you can reach me through the contact-us board.

      Thanks for posing,

    • Hi Scott, Based on your description, and that it’s the mostly gray model, you probably don’t need send the backboard. However, there’s no extra charge for me to look at it, so it’s entirely up to you if you feel like making the effort to remove it. If you don’t send it and it gives you trouble, you can always send it later.


  5. I have an RD 600 R. Clock is working but it seems to water at random times. All my plants and shrubs are turning brown. I’ll double check at 7:00 AM tomorrow, but expect I’ll be dropping off in your box – you fixed it for me about 2 years ago when it was doing the same thing.

    • Hi Howard, Bring it on by, I’m happy to take a look. The repairs always last longer than 2 years so I suspect it may be a back connector board problem if it wasn’t looked at last time. I’ll drop you an email with details. Thanks for posting.


  6. I have an Irritrol RD-900 EXT .
    All of the display features work, and it seems to take instruction. Especially the Manual Run. Everything seems to work right, EXCEPT, it ignores the settings. It seems to to on every day. or something like that. It doesn’t seem to remember the only days it is supposed to water. Which here, with our “drought” is only two days a week.
    Is this a problem with the timer circuitry and is it worth repairing ?
    Thanks very much
    Gerard Tanksley

    • Hi Gerald, You must have contacted me using the contact page; I just replied to it with an email; then this posting came in. It’s definitely worth repairing.

      If you have any other questions after reading the email, let me know.

  7. I noticed my Rain Dial – R (RD-600- EXT-R) wasn’t working. When I looked, I saw nothing in the display window. When I changed the battery, I was able to set the clock but nothing else seemed to work. Is this something you can repair. Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Chuck, I’m just following up on your post about the RD-600 that we’ve been exchanging emails about. I got your email saying you received back and it’s working great. Thanks again for your business.

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