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  1. Over the course of several years, I am experiencing a particular problem. When the controller is programmed to run a valve circuit 11 The controller will run valve circuit 2 . Circuit 11 doesn’t run yet circuit 2 will run twice once, when circuit 2 is programmed and the second when circuit 11 is programmed. What is causing this malfunction?

    • Hi Greg,
      Thanks for the question. There’s nothing in the Irritrol RainDial circuitry that would likely cause that problem. It’s usually due to one of the following:
      1) wiring issues, specifically involving the common wire not being connected securely that basically puts two valves in series instead of in parallel. Look closely at all the common wires that are connected together; you could just have one making contact with only one of the other common wires, not all of them.
      2) programming issues – if you turn on circuit 11, you should see “11” on the top row of the display. Normally there should only be one number showing at a time, if more than one, there’s a programming problem. I’d do a factory reset and reprogram.
      3) Water pressure or marginal valve operation. Sometimes the pressure changes due to one valve induce a change on another one. This is not supposed to happen, but if you’ve got a valve that’s starting to fail, it may do some strange things. Consider turning off the controller and then manually (at the valve box) turning on valve 11 and see if that causes another valve to turn on. If it does, you know it’s not the timer causing the problem.

      Please post back here if this helped and if you were able to solve it. I’d bet money on 1).

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