6 thoughts on “Irritrol Rain Dial Manuals and programming template

  1. Hi we’ve just bought a house with a Raindial Rd900, we’ve dug up part of the lawn to pit in a pool and in doing so pulled out some retic pipes. We didn’t use the retic before digging. We’ve just tried turning it on for the first time to see if it works, on manual, but nothing happens. The display doesn’t change from the current time. Does the system need to be a complete circuit of pipes to work, and would there be another tap to turn on or just the main.

    • Hi Geraldine,

      The display should change when the system is operating regardless of whether or not there are any valves, water, etc… present. I’d suggest doing a factory reset and trying again. See the DIY Troubleshooting page for details. Let me know if you can’t find it, and also let me know if the reset changes the behavior and I can help more if needed.


    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks for the question. If the fuse was bad, you probably would see a FUS error; I suspect that the controller just needs to be repaired. You can try resetting it (see DIY page); it might help for a while. If it works, but gets messed up again, just let me know. If you can provide more info on the details, that would help too.

      You can usually look at the fuse to see if it’s bad – the wire inside the glass tube will be broken/melted if the fuse it bad.

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