Rain Dial Sprinkler Timer Repair

We repair Rain Dial sprinkler timers/controllers, buy broken timers, repair and resell.

For more information or questions, send an email with the model number and problem description by using the Contact Us Link

We specialize in:   Irritrol Rain Dial Series (RD-600, RD-900, RD-1200)

The typical problem shows itself as:

  1. intermittent behavior
  2. buzzing or non-working valves
  3. chattering valves
  4. erratic programming/display
  5. no appearance at all
  6. sometimes it will work a while, but only with a fresh 9V battery
  7. it will cause the 9V batteries die  quickly
  8. unexpected on-times

The repair details:

* It’s usually fixed in a day, sometimes same day.
* The replacement parts we use have better ratings than in the original.
* Work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months.
* Only pay if we can fix it – you’ve got nothing to lose.
* Years of experience.

What we do not do:

  • we do not fully refurbish units — you’ll get back the one you drop off.
  • we don’t have replacement LCD screens
  • the unit should be in reasonable condition
  • when in doubt, contact us.
  • we do not do lanscaping or sprinkler/sprinkler system installation, only electronic repair

If you’re considering alternatives, realize that any used timer will likely have the same failing parts, so they will not be worth your effort.  The Raindial series of timers are great timers, they’re  easy to program and use.

My family thanks you for your business!

Specific model search helpers: RD-600 RD-900 RD-1200 RD600 RD900 RD1200 Irritrol Rain Dial irrigation timer.

Helpful Troubleshooting Tips:

If you need manuals for the various types, you can find them on the Irritrol website or:

6 thoughts on “Rain Dial Sprinkler Timer Repair

  1. I have an RD-600 & an RD-900 and I can’t seem to change the date on either unit? The 900 has the correct day but still will not allow me to change the day? I have been setting “current time” to today – then move the slider to “set program” then attempt to change the the day with the + or – buttons, it does not work on either unit. Any suggestions.



    • Hi David,

      If I understand your message, you have two controllers, and can’t program either one of them. if it was just one, i would consider the switch may have failed when in set-program mode. However, having 2 controllers doing the same thing is unlikely. I suspect it’s just not getting setup correctly.

      When you set the controller dial to “Today” what do you see? If you see numbers instead of days, then the timer is set on “skip days” mode. A value of 2 tells the timer to run the specified schedule every 2 days.

      to change it to work with days-of-the-week, set the dial to “Skip days” and change it with +- button till it says “off” Now when you set the dial to “Today” it should give you days of the week.

      Note that you may have 3 schedules A,B,C and your skip days and “today” dial behavior can be different for A B or C depending on how they’re setup. Try changing your schedule too.

      See if that helps… If not, give me a little more info on what you see on the display when you’re trying to change the date.

      If this was helpful, feel free to leave a tip using the pay button to the right 🙂

  2. I have a RD 600 with a bad timer. The unit is in good condition and I want to see if there is a better option than buying a whole new unit.

    Thank You

    Terry Blatnick

    • Hi Terry,

      I think you’re definitely better off fixing it, especially if the timer is in reasonable physical condition (switches seem to work well, LCD is in tact…) Fixing it means you don’t have to re-wire anything, all you do is pop the controller off the hinges and get it to me. There are newer controllers out there, but they’re not made as well, I think the older model is actually better quality than the newer one, with the exception of what I do to fix them.

      The cost is very reasonable and I usually fix them in a day or two.
      Use the Contact Us Link to get with me about more details – you can drop the unit by or mail it.


    • Go ahead and use the contact form to contact me. It’ll ask some of the basic questions. I usually reply same day… Thanks!

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