How do you clear the FUS or FU5 message?

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If this troubleshooting information doesn’t help solve the issue and you’d like to have it repaired, please send it to us.  We repair all models of RainDial timers.

The Irritrol RD-600 series sprinkler controller message ‘FUS’ stands for Fuse.  If you see a 5 (FU5), the 5 represents an S.

This page explains:

  1. What the FUS message really means
  2. How to clear the message
  3. How to determine what is causing the FUS message.
  4. How to fix the FUS message

1. Bottom Line First: This is important to know about the RD600 irrigation timers

  • Despite the RD600 message saying FUS, this does not mean the fuse is bad as one would expect.
  • The FUS message is almost always caused by a shorted solenoid or wiring, not a fuse…).  Solenoids are the cylindrical electrical ‘switch’ that are screwed on the top of the valve; they have two wires going to it. They are fairly easy to replace.
  • although it is not related to the fuse message, you can read about checking the fuse here.
  • In rare cases with the -R series, a full reset resolves the problem.  All the information you need to know is below.

2. To clear the FUS message:

  • Set the dial to the Current Time position
  • Press the + or – button
    • If the FUS error won’t clear, perform steps to do a factory reset
      (try both old and newer timer reset sequences)
  • If the FUS error clears, but keeps coming back, the following information will help figure out what valve is causing the problem and how to fix it:

What valve is causing the FUS message?

  1. If the fuse is good and the message comes back
    1. the suspected “problem valve” number will be displayed on the top of the LCD screen with the FUS message.
    2. Try removing the wire on the terminal board for that valve number, clear the message and run the schedule again.
      1. If you have multiple numbers appearing, remove the wire for each of them, including the MC/Pump wire if you have one.  Clear the message, and run the schedule without the valves connected.
    3. Reconnect the valve wires one by one until you find out which one causes the error to re-appear; this is your suspected bad solenoid.
    4. If you think you have a bad solenoid, you can go to this page for more information: Testing and Replacing Valve Solenoids
    5. If the RD600 series FUS message returns with the same valve number even if you moved the valve to a new location, it’s unlikely that you’d have two solenoids fail at the same time so check the wiring for damage due to recent digging by people or pets, etc…
    6. If the RainDial timer shows the FUS message with all valve numbers that you are using, it’s likely a problem with whatever is connected to the Pump/Master-valve (MV) screw terminal.  This is because the pump is activated for all valves, so if it is failing, every valve will detect an over-current condition and active the FUS error.  All RD-600 series timers have a MV/Pump terminal on the back terminal board.   You can try clearing the FUS message and then remove the wire to this terminal.  Then run the timer to see if the FUS message still appears.  Of course the water won’t flow very much because the pump is off, but if no FUS message occurs, you know that whatever is connected to the MV/Pump terminal is likely causing the problem. You can disconnect the wire to that terminal and measure the resistance between the wire (not the terminal) and the VC terminal. A typical valve solenoid is 27ohms of DC resistance or more.  If you measure significantly less, it’s likely bad.   Check the specification on your pump/master-valve relay to determine if the resistance is too low or not, or try replacing it.
    7. You can test if the solenoids are bad if you have a meter capable of measuring resistance.  Simply turn off all the valves and measure between the VC/Vcom terminal and the valve/station terminal (e.g., between VC and 1)  every valve including the MC to VC/Vcom should measure around 20 to 40 ohms.   If infinite ohms, you have a broken wire or bad solenoid that results in an open circuit and looks like it’s missing. If you have lower resistance, it’s likely that the solenoid has started to short out and is failing, or your wires are crossed and touching somewhere.  See this post for more information on testing.
    8. If the message appears with no valves or MC/Pump wires connected, try doing a full factory reset (use both the older reset method and newer (-R series) reset methods.  If no luck, it’s still very unlikely to be problem with the controller but if you’re convinced it could be, contact us here.

Other troubleshooting ideas: If the valves are the same, you can swap solenoids with a known working valve and see if the problem follows the suspected bad solenoid.

You can also disconnect the bad solenoid and clear the message.  If you do this, the timer will work normally except for the one valve that was disconnected.

If we’ve helped solve the problem and deserve a little credit, please leave us a donation, we’d really appreciate it. 

For full RD600 series controller reset:
Older models can be reset by removing the battery and power from the controller – this may reset programming. Always try this method first, then the full factory default reset sequence.  All the details can be found in this DIY page:

82 thoughts on “How do you clear the FUS or FU5 message?

  1. Hi, I have an Irritrol model RD600-EXT-R, the time on the controller is blinking rapidly and none of the stations are running. Any ideas?? Thanks

    • Hi Greg,

      It sounds like the timer & backboard need to be repaired. Before sending it in, definitely try doing a full factory reset using the instructions on the DIY troubleshooting page. If that doesn’t work; I’d suggest sending it in for repair; we’ll get it all working like new again.


    • Hi Pamela,

      I’m confused by your post? The page you posed on explains (or should explain anyway) the FUS/FU5 message and what it means and what to do to resolve the issue. What else were you looking for?
      Are you not seeing the information about it when you look at the page?


  2. My Irritol wont start at the right time as I mistakenly pressed the abc button. All the programs are on c. I have had this machine for years without problems. Now it won’t start on automatic since I pressed that abc button.

    • Hi Kay!
      I’m not familiar with a model that has an abc button- Can you please tell me what model of timer you have, and we can try to troubleshoot from there?


  3. My fuse keeps blowing. No message shows on my controller. I noticed that my system was not working and when and looked at the controller and the screen was blank. I replaced the battery and the controller screen worked but I could not get my sprinklers to run. I noticed the fuse looked blown so I bought a new fuse and put it in with the power off and it blew as soon as I plugged in the transformer. What would cause the fuse to kept blowing?

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’ve been working on timers for over 10 years and I have not seen that problem before. It would suggest that the timer itself has failed ‘short’ and is causing the fuse to blow, yet the timer works with a battery connected; very odd.

      Try removing the ribbon cable from the back terminal board and see if the fuse still blows (it shouldn’t, but let’s try it to be sure). Also inspect the ribbon cable for any damage that might be causing wires to short together. Let me know what you find out.

      If you can put in a battery and the display shows the time etc. but still blows the fuse when you plug the transformer in, you can send it in for repair. Before you do, double check:
      1) that you have the right fuse value (250V, 2Amp, slow blow).
      2) If you happen to have a multimeter to measure the 24VAC transformer output, it should measure 24VAC to 28VAC.

      Please post back and let me know what you find out.


      • Sounds like you have a zone/ solenoid wire grounding out. I had this happen after a new patio was put in and the wire got flattened, which by inspection didn’t look damaged. The casing was not open but opened the main acasing and 3 or 4 of the 7 were melted together causing my short to blow fuses.

    • Hi Minde,

      Yes, the only purpose of the battery is to keep the time and schedule in the event of a power outage.

  4. Hello. Where can I find the “MC/Pump solenoid”? My system has the FUSE message and all 4 zones listed.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Skip,
      If you have one, there will be a wire connected to the MC/Pump screw terminal of the back terminal board.
      The pump will be connected to the other end of the wire.

      Do you have a wire on that terminal?


    • Hi Al,

      If you watch it, does it change from F05 to F04…. over time? If so, the F is really an A and it means it’s currently running schedule A and has 5 minutes left for that particular valve to run.

      I’m sure I can repair that sprinkler timer if you’d like to send it in, just use the contact us form.


  5. Hello Doc,
    I cant locate the fuse in the controller box? or is the fuse in the breaker box to the house? Also, do the nutrual ground wires have to go to all silanoids or are they in a relay set up, start with one, then they are tied through the rest of the sections? finally, what does an OPEN message mean?

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the inquiry, I appreciate it. Not all backboards have fuses – some do, some don’t. This is normal. Are you getting the FUS message? OPEN means that a solenoid is broken or that the wiring to it is disconnected. I have a picture here on my DIY page of what typical wiring looks like.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

      Brian – The RD600 Irritrol RainDial Doctor

    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for posting this, I often don’t hear from people so you made my day!

      Brian – the RainDial Doctor

  6. Why doesn’t my RD600 turn ON anymore? The plug connected into the outlet feels warm to the touch, but no power is going to the box.

    • Hi Jesus,

      It’s strange that the plug would feel warm. Do you mean the transformer plug (the big black box that plugs in?) If so, that’s a good sign because the transformer is likely working. If you have an RD9600 – R, send the back terminal board and the timer for repair and I’ll have it back to you shortly.
      here’s a link.

  7. Thanks guys.
    Was as simple as changing the time.
    I’ve had more dramas with my system over the last 2 years then the entire back catalogue of those kardashian clowns.

  8. I have an RD600-Ext, it shows “Fuse” as an issue, but only get power when I have a new battery attached. Otherwise no power to the system. I have checked connection and GFCI and all are good. Any ideas?

    • Hi, thanks for posting.
      There’s a page on my site that talks about that fuse error in depth. Take a look there first. There’s a good chance that it just needs repairing, and I’d appreciate the business if you’d like us to fix it.
      I’ll send you a separate email with repair details.

  9. I have the same problem with my 900 (06) that Steve Krall had with his. I tried the usual steps and it won’t reset. I am thinking it is a failing controller. Where are you? I am in Tempe AZ so VERY hot.
    I have been away for 5 weeks taking care of my mom in another state and just got home. It looks like the 2nd station hasn’t been coming on or my husband killed the grass trying to kill spurge. In any case it the controller is doing exactly what Steve Krall described his was doing on June 10, 2017

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Sounds like Steve’s problem for sure. I’m in N. Phx. I’ll send you a separate email with all repair details. I’m home all weekend if you want to bring it by and run an errand or grab a bite to eat. Other options are to mail it, or maybe a quick exchange… Stay tuned for an email.

      Brian – aka the Irritrol RD600/900/1200 Rain Dial doctor

      • HI Brian, I ran through the steps again after replacing the fuse (very little evidence that it had blown) and it began working once again. I am certain that I will need your services when I am unable to solve the problem and I need a new controller.

        • Hi Carolyn,

          Keep my contact info handy; it’ common for it to be intermittent as it starts to fail. I’ll be here when you’re ready.

          I’m glad it’s working for now anyway, just keep a close eye on it.

    • I would suggest following the reset instructions on the website if it happens again or it starts behaving strangely then I would send it in for repair. It’s likely an indication that it just needs to be repaired.

  10. Hello female here! This means help loll. I am a renter and trying to help a situation between the landlord and property management. We have a gcfi that I see is not working and wonder if that can be the issue with the box. The landscaper said that the sundial timer is broken and he can fix it but wanted a hefty bill and it didn’t add up. I checked the fuse as the fus(5) message was up and it’s fine. I reset the landscaping fuse in the main breaker box also. Please help I would like to fix this because it’s arizona and the plants are dying! It’s 120 degrees help!

    • Hello back at ya. if the GFCI is powering the controller, it could be the problem. If the GFCI is constantly tripped and you know it’s tied to the controller then you’ll have to fix that first. To know for sure, it’ll take some more questioning.
      I’m only available for the next day or two, so if you’d like to give me a call you’re able to be in front of the timer it would help. 623-252-2949, preferably between 7-8 AM or 6-9pm. We’ll get it figured out.

      Before calling, let me know the model number that appears above or below the Semi-Auto button of the controller. It’ll probably be an RD600 or RD600-R.


  11. I have the Irritrol 900, (06)…Display indicates FUS and the current time, flashing between each…Also, when trying to run in manual, after inputting a time and depressing “MAN”, the display goes to “OFF”…this happens regardless of the valve selection.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for posting. The problem you described is a classic symptom of a failing controller. I’d be happy to repair it for you if you’d like. I’ll drop you an email with repair details.

      Brian – aka the RainDial doctor

        • I Carol. Send it in for repair, but before you do make sure to look at the info on this page if you haven’t done so already. Even if it clears the message now, keep an eye on it. If that message returns or you see things not watering when they should, just send it in.
          To clear the message: Set the dial to the Current Time position, press the + or – button
          Then try manually turning on each valve one at a time. If only one causes the message to re-appear, that valve is likely bad. If more than one causes the message to re-appear, send it in for repair.


    • Hi Martin,

      You may have to provide more details – do you mean each valve is turning on at the same time? (e.g., valves 1,2,3,4,5,& 6 of a 6 station all come on at once?)
      There’s a DIY Irritrol RainDial troubleshooting menu on this site –

      Start there and look under that page for info about when valves come on when the are not supposed to and see if that helps. If you don’t have any luck, give me some more details.


    • Hi Issam,
      I don’t see an opn error with a normal rainDial timer, do you have a RainDial “Plus” module?
      The “opn” message indicates that the connection between the timer and the valves or motor is not connected. It could be a problem in the wire connections, back connector/terminal board, or the timer. I recommend you temporarily shut off power and remove the battery from the timer to reset it. Then, try running a schedule again and notice which valve causes the “opn” or open message. If it happens with every valve, it could be the pump.

      Basically, try to figure out which valve is giving the open message, then check the wiring for that valve closely for a bad connection.

      If you cannot find a problem, you can follow the “Removal instructions” page and send me the controller and timer module for repair.

      Let me know what you find,

  12. Hi. I have an RD-600 controller (just replaced one that went bad after a number of years) and am getting the dreaded FUS message (FUS 5). I switched the wire for the bad circuit from 5 to 6 and now get FUS 6, so I don’t think it’s the controller. I replaced the solenoid on the valve that I’m pretty sure is the one at fault (it’s the drip irrigation valve, and all the others work fine) but that didn’t help – I still get the FUS 6 message. Is it likely to be bad wiring within the value itself? Thanks.

    • Hi Craig,

      It seems like you’ve been through the entire system by now. I’d agree with your assessment. The FUS problem is something I repair frequently; I’d suggest sending it in. I repair that problem and also replace other parts that frequently fail in the first 5-10 year so it’ll be better than new.
      If you’re interested, just send it in – the “How to get it repaired” menu option has all the details, or drop me a note using the contact form.

      thanks for posting,

    • Hi Tom,

      Look on the DIY page – you’ll see an item that mentions OFn or OF followed by a number. That’ll tell what the message means on the Irritrol RD600 series controllers and how to deal with it.

      Thanks for posting,

  13. Perfecto, amigo!

    Thanks for the pertinent and well-founded advice!

    One suggestion: Rain Dial should consider adding a “RESET” button!


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