Understanding How the Timer Indicates it has turned on a valve

Before you read further, it’s important to know if the timer has turned on a valve vs. when the valve is on even when the timer doesn’t “think” it should be on.   Here’s how to tell the difference:

If the Irritrol RD-600 series timer has turned on a valve (because it was programmed to or was instructed to manually) it will display the valve number on the top row of the LCD screen.  The following indicates that the controller has (or is trying to) turn on valve 4 as shown.
RD-600 LCD with Station 4 active

RD-600 LCD with Station 4 active with Time

If you don’t think this valve should be on, check the schedule, time of day, day of the week etc.
Test using the Manual On function
If you think it should be on and it isn’t; also check the programming and AM/PM settings.  You can test that the timer is capable of turning on a valve by using the manual function.  To do this, set the bottom switch to the run position, turn the dial to the valve you want to turn on, press the “+” button to add some minutes and then press the Manual On button.
The timer should indicate the valve is on by displaying the valve number in the top row like the figure above.   If it flashes and goes to off or wavers strangely, contact us for a repair. We’ll have it back to you quickly and working like new with a full warranty.

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