Organic Landscape Service usually installs new timers instead of refurbished ones for good measure.  Your quality and time is important and we wouldn’t endorse a company that didn’t have quality standards comparable to our own.

Although new equipment is always an option, we feel that saving you money and keeping good equipment from going to the landfill is a better choice.

Here are some options:

  1. Ask Organic Landscape Service if they already have an exchangeable timer in the truck that they can install.
  2. Bring or mail the two parts to our N. Phoenix location for repair.   If it’s in sufficient condition, we’ll repair it and provide a full warranty on the repaired circuitry.

The cost for Organic Landscape Customers is:

  • 6 Station (RD-600) – $45
  • 9 Station (RD-900) – $55
  • 12 Station (RD-1200) – $65

Here’s what you need to mail or bring: (do not bring the case, transformer, etc, just the following) Click the photo for removal instructions: