Inexpensive Multimeters

Here are a couple inexpensive multimeters that will help with troubleshooting your Irritrol Rain Dial sprinkler timer issues.  They make troubleshooting much easier and are well worth the money.

Recommendations for testing R600, RD900, and RD1200 Rain Dials:

  • Get an inexpensive one between $9 and $30
  • Get one with a digital display just because they’re easier to read and understand.
    • You can get an analog meter version if you’d like to save a little $.
  • Get one that is powered by a common9V or AA/AAA batteries
  1. Harbor freight has a decent 7-function multimeter for ~$8 (link)
  2. Amazon – just search for “Digital multimeter” There are selveral under $20, some for under $10.
  3. Lowes and Home Depot have some; They are more expensive ($20-35) than Amazon, but available in the store.