How to check or turn on or off the water supply

RD600 Series Sprinkler Timer – Common Water supply and valve Issues:

  • Many landscapers and homeowners turn the water off while working on the system or during the winter by closing the irrigation water supply line values.  They’re typically located near the main line that enters the home.
  • A picture of typical sprinkler irrigation shutoff valves is shown below.


This picture shows two cases, one with the water valves open or water on, the other with them close or water off. Make sure the valves are in the “on” position.

If the stations do not turn on the water, see other troubleshooting topics on the DIY Troubleshooting page or this link.

Note that you can also turn on/off the water to your entire property (landscaping and house…) by closing the city-provided water valve that is typically located with the water meter near the front sidewalk in a rectangular box with a metal lid like what’s shown below.

How to Read your Water Meter | Smart Home Water Guide


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Here’s a brief video summarizing the information presented above.