Irritrol RainDial RD-600, 900, 1200, -R Sprinkler Timer Repair

Everything you need to know about Troubleshooting, Programming, Repair and Buying Irritrol Rain Dial RD-600 series irrigation controllers.

We repair and sell Irritrol Rain Dial sprinkler timers/controllers: Irritrol Rain Dial Series RD-600, RD-900, RD-1200, and we’re the first and only site offering repair of the -R models (RD-600-R, RD-900-R, RD-1200-R).  

Rain Dial Sprinkler Timer Repair
“The Doctor is in.”
Proud to serve our customers since 2010

We prefer to give you your original equipment back instead of doing an exchange, but we offer several options to help you troubleshoot and if necessary, repair or replace your RD600 series controllers.

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Want your Rain Dial Repaired?

  1. Normally it takes ~15 seconds to remove the controller (the part with the dial and battery)
  2. Mail it to or drop it off at our location in North Phoenix/Glendale (click for directions). (Please use the contact us page to describe the model and problem before sending it.  In some cases, we may need the back connector board too.)
    1. Include your phone number or email address, we’ll pay return postage
  3. We’ll repair it same or next day and contact you.
  4. Pay after we fix it with paypal on this site, credit, (or personal check if sent with with unit)
    1. Cost ranges from 30 for simple repairs to $45 for typical RD-600.
  5. We’ll send it back and pay the return shipping (usually within a day or two)
    That’s all there is to it.
  6. Some models require sending the back connector board as well as the timer; contact us for more details.

Note: We replace internal electronic components only, so as long as the controller is in reasonable condition and has an undamaged LCD display, it should be repairable.

What’s the difference between different RainDial Models.

Irritrol RainDial contrrollers are sometimes referred to as the RD600; the RD900 and RD1200 are the same as the RD600 except that they have more stations. (RD900 has 9 stations, and the RD1200 has 12 stations, the max number of sprinkler valves supported by the Irritrol Rain Dial series of timers.)

The RD600-R, RD900-R and the RD1200-R timers are newer versions of the non “-R” models and are the more blue units show in the header of this page.  The repair process is slightly different and they are generally not compatible with the older more-gray label RD600, RD900 and RD1200 controllers. We repair all of them frequently and would appreciate your business.

Send an email with the model number and problem description by using the Contact Us Link; we usually respond the same day and your email is kept private.

Common RainDial problems we solve:

  • Buzzing, chattering, or non-working valves
  • Erratic or flashing displays
  • It turns off immediately after you turn it on.
  • Intermittent watering behavior
  • Shorter than expected battery life

What we do – The RainDial Repair Process steps:

  1. Many of units are mailed to or dropped off at our location in North Phoenix/Glendale and picked up the next day
  2. Repair time is typically 1-2 days, same day with prior arrangements.
  3. The replacement parts have better ratings than in the original
  4. The work and parts replaced are guaranteed for 12 months+
  5. You’ll only pay if we can fix it.
  6. We have years of experience in the electronics and computer industry.
  7. In some cases, the backboard is needed for repair depending on the symptoms, contact us for more information.

What we do not do:

  1. We are not a landscaping or sprinkler/sprinkler system installation company; we only do electronic repair
  2. Repairing your equipment is usually the best option and is what we prefer to do so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or inheriting someone else’s problem.  We repair circuitry in your existing timer and return it.
  3. LCD screens are generally not repairable or replaceable unless we have used equipment that we can take them from.
  4. We are not affiliated in any way with the Irritrol Rain Dial company.

Considering a used or other replacement timer?  Repairing RainDials make more sense:

  • The Rain Dial timers are great, they’re easy to program and use and the screen is big enough to see easily.
  • Removing the controller for repair and re-installing afterwards only takes a few minutes and can be done by anyone at any skill level.
  • Older rain dial timers will likely have the same failing parts found in the one your’re replacing.
  • Filling the landfills with timers that could be repaired just doesn’t make sense.

Helpful Irritrol Rain Dial Troubleshooting Tips and instructions:

We’re firm believers in do-it-yourself – and we don’t want you to send us something to repair when it’s not broken.  See the RainDial troubleshooting tab for lots of do it yourself diagnostics and troubleshooting.

If you need RainDial manuals or programming information for the various sprinkler controller models, you can find them by clicking the on this link RainDial User Guide Manual

Use the Contact Us page to reach us or as us a question

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