Why does my timer say OF…?

Question: You just repaired my rain dial RD600 two weeks ago, reinstalled today, flashed 0f9, did a reset now flashing 0f1. Any ideas?



Hi David,  That indicates that the controller is turned off for 9 days; it’s a rain delay feature.  A RainDial button probably just got pressed accidentally while programming. It’s a handy feature to delay watering if it rains … you can read about it in the manual: http://raindialdoctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Irritrol_Rain_Dial_2007_manual.pdf

See page 24
“rd” stands for rain delay, and the number is the number of days.  To get rid of it, follow the steps below and change the delay back to 0.  Make sure to slide the switch to Run again when you’re done.
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Note: to turn on or off (set to 0 days) the rain delay feature, you can do this:
1  Place the Function switch in the Set Programs position.
2. Turn the Dial to the Skip Days – Special Functions position.
3. Press the Manual button (repeatedly) to display rd0
(Rain Delay = 0 days).   If it says rd2 or another number, that number is the number of delay days currently set.
4. Press the / buttons to select a Rain Delay period of 1 to 9
days or 0 to turn off the Rain Delay feature.
5. Return the Dial to the Current Time position.
6. Return the Function switch to the Run position.