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3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. My rain dial has been working and I have had no trouble programming it in the past however, recently i noticed my rain dial has been running two zones at once… i have never seen this before? how do I stop it? For example I have 7 zones if i program a semi auto (a) to water zone 1-7 for 15 mins each randomly if will try to run zones 3 and 5 together or 5 and 6 together resulting in extremely low pressure…

    • Hi Zack,

      That’s an interesting problem. Do you have a “pump” or master valve in your system? If you do, it’s possible that #5 valve is just failed and comes on whenever the pump is on. Let me know if you do or not, and for sure post back what you found solves the problem if you figure it out.

      thanks ,

  2. My Irritrol 12 station Rain Dial is working great. Do I have the luxery of programming stations (valves) out of sequence? I would like to program station 11 first—then 3, 7, 1, 9, etc, or do they have to go on in sequence? If I use different start times, all stations programmed in A have to run through before that 2nd time comes on…is that correct?

    • Hi Constance,
      No, you can’t change the order, but you can change the wiring. Move the terminal board wire that is on 11 to 1 instead, that will make it come on first.

      The ‘start time’ indicates when the timer starts the sequence of watering so you should never set the 2nd start time to begin before the entire sequence has finished. So the answer to your question is: yes, that’s correct.

      Brian – aka the rd600 irritrol RainDialDoctor

  3. When I set programs for A,B and C on an RD1200 unit, do I keep it on C so that all 3 will operate at their set up dates and times? If i keep it on A will only A program operate?

    Thank you

    • Hi Marco,

      I’d suggest reading the first part of my programming tips page – it’ll answer your question and many others. A,B and C area always active if you’ve programmed them. It doesn’t matter what that ABC switch setting is currently set to.

      Does that help? Post back and let me know,
      Brian – teh RD-600 series raindialdoctor

  4. I had a driveway put in & now sprinklers dont work. They work manually & I see the timer counting down, but nothing. How can I check the wiring ?

    • You can turn on a valve at the timer and measure voltage 24VAC on the VCom screw and the valve screw terminals. If you see it there, you should see it at the valve box.

      It’s likely they broke the wires while digging – you’ll probably have to do some work digging to figure it out. I’d start along the edge of the driveway that seems to be the shortest path they would have run wiring through and go from there. If you get voltage measured at one end and not the other, it might be easier to just add a new wire bundle and bury it… but I don’t know your exact situation.

      Please post back and let me know what you decide to do and what you find out,

  5. I followed instructions to reprogram back to factory settings. However when I reconnected the ribbon plug it says 12pm instead of 12am. I have tried several times following the instructions but it will not say 12am.
    Is there anything more I can do to fix this??

    • you should be able to change the RD600 time by putting the bottom center switch into the middle position ‘set programs’
      Question: does it go from 11.59pm to 12:00pm as you’re hitting the ‘+’ button?

      Let me know,

  6. Hello,

    I’ve been using the RD600-EXT-R for about 2-3 years now without issue. I have it set to water on EVEN days and it was working fine. Now it waters everyday and will not allow me to set it to ODD, etc. The only choices I have are OFF and EVN. I tried unplugging the unit (for about 5 minutes) and removing the battery, which didn’t change anything.

    Is this thing dead? Does it need to be replaced?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Dave,

      It’s certainly not Dead… Look on the diy page for the reset instructions for “newer” units and follow those steps to reset it.
      If that doesn’t work (it should) let me know.

  7. My Raindial works fine., timers the only thing is it beeps twice every few minutes. What is that beep?? I don’t have a backup battery.

    • I don’t believe the RD 600 beeps, the only thing it can do is turn on valves. That’s strange. Could it be the valves that are buzzing? Give me some more information on the beeping and I’ll try to help.

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