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2) the model number shown on the face of the controller (usually below and to the left of the dial, e.g., RD-600 or RD-600-R).
3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. Hi Brian. The LCD screen on my RD-600 occasionally goes blank, then is non-functioning for days or weeks at a time. It had been out for several weeks, and suddenly yesterday it was on, so I tested the various cycles and it seemed to be working, then it suddenly went off again while I was testing. What do you think?

    • Hi Joan,
      That’s a pretty common indication of a timer that just needs to be repaired. I would send both pieces, the timer, and the back connector board. There’s two short videos on my website that show you how to remove them. It’s fairly straightforward.
      I’m turning them around fast these days and will probably send it back the day after I get it. If you have any questions just let me know. Most of the information you need is on my website.
      Let me know what you plan to do.

  2. All of a sudden my rd 600 controller drains the back up 9 volt battery and the display starts to blink. I thought the battery was a back up only when the power goes out. I put a new battery in the unit about every ten days and then the unit is ok for awhile. Thanks

    • Hi Louis, thats the classic symptom of a controller that needs repair. As it starts degrading, the battery is making up the difference; eventually he battery wont be able to compensate enough and even a fresh battery wont help.
      He good news is that i repair rhem all the time. Just send it in; o turn them around rhe next day. Thanks for posting.
      Brian aka the rd600 series raindial doctor

  3. I have an RD900 controller with 8 operational zones. Zone #6 will run when running each zone. When those zones shut down zone 6 will shut down. I disconnected the zone 6 from the controller and when I operate any zone, #6 will still turn on. I have cleaned out the valve body, replaced the diaphragm and solenoid. The Valve is a old Toro Flo Pro Jar Top. Could the problem be with the controller?

    • Thanks for the questions. Here are some things to try. Disconnect the wires to the valve at the valve. That will eliminate any wording issue and tell us if it’s an electrical problem or mechanical valve problem. Then retest. If it still comes on, it’s the valve reacting to pressure changes and may need to be serviced.

      If it doesn’t misbehave, it’s likely a miswiring problem. Could be a wire is shorted to another wire, but often there is a “common” wire problem. Try disconnecting all wires at the timer and connect that valve first, then add one at a time to try and see when things stop working correctly. This will help you narrow it down.

      Let me know what you find to be the problem.

      Brian, the rd600 series raindial doctor

  4. My Raindial 600 ext r has a blank lcd sceen with no numbers visible, and it does not operate the sprinklers at all. I’m getting 26.8 volts from the transformer test. I don’t see this problem listed In the troubleshooting. Any idea what the issue is and whether it can be fixed.

    • Hi Mike,

      It sounds like you’ve done a good job troubleshooting. If you’re still getting a blank screen, and you’ve tried resetting the unit, AND you see good voltage (which you do) then it’s time to send it in for repair, there isn’t much more you can do on your end.


  5. Hi Brain, I have notice the SEn is flashing but there is no rain in sight, we live in Sun City ,AZ and the system did not come on as set. What should I do to fix it?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Julie,
      It’s a problem I repair often and I’m happy to help. You can give me a call at 623-252-2949 and I’ll give you more details on how to get it repaired

  6. My Irritrol 15 station model TC 15EXB, number 114232
    Suddenly will not start and flashes an “ERROR” message
    each time I try to run it. What is causes Error Message?
    It ran a few days ago.

    Charles – Denver

  7. Question:
    15 station Irritrol TC 15 EX B # 114232
    gives error message, “SHORT”

    What is wrong and how do I fix

    • Hi Charles,

      ‘short’ usually indicates a shorted solenoid. try removing all the wires to your solenoids and try it. Then add them back one at a time until you see the error re-occur. That should help identify which one is shorted. Some models will show you on the display which one it is.

      If you google for the manual, it should also provide more info. I don’t work on the total control modules very often or I’d be able to help more.

  8. RD-900 Irritrol will not display information when the direct sun shines on the box. When shade is covering the box the controller functions. Is this a repair or replace problem? thank you

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for posting about your RainDial. It’s definitely a repairable item, I perform them often and you can expect a long long operational life afterwards. I’ll followup with a separate email to you and include more details.
      thanks for posting,

  9. RD 600 not coming on after setting up. Tried to operate manually by setting to manual and input time but not coming on. Set run times for stations manually and still nothing. Screen at top shows OF4.

    • Hi Don, the DIY troubleshooting section has some info for you. Look for the one that says why does my timer say OFn…
      Brian – aka the rainDial RD600 doctor

  10. My Irritrol RD1200 Plus has a button named “next” where the Manual button normally sits. Does it have the same function but different name?

    • Hi Barry,
      It’s a little different. You can read about it in the manual – here’s a link to the manual’s page.

      Happy New Year,

  11. have rd600 all seems to work OK, except limited water pressure to certain areas and some areas nothing.. Have checked for water line leaks, breaks and all seems OK..


    • Hi Dave,
      thanks for posting your RainDial RD600 question. I would suggest you turn on the valve manually at the valve box. There’s usually a relief screw or you turn the solenoid. If the water pressure is good when you do this, then I would send the timer in for repair. I’m not real busy this time of year so I’ll be able to repair it and get it back in the mail the next day. Contact me if you have more questions.

      Brian – aka the rain Dial Doctor

  12. All of a sudden my rd 600 controller drains the back up 9 volt battery and the display starts to blink. I thought the battery was a back up only when the power goes out. I put a new battery in the unit about every ten days and then the unit is ok for awhile. Thanks

  13. Hello. I have 2 zones that come on the same time. They never used to and I havnt changed anything. When I turn the valves on they all come on separate but when I manually do it from the box zone 1 and 2’come on the same time.

    • Hi Sonda,

      I need a little more info to know how to help.
      When they’re on at the same time, do you seem both valve numbers on the display (in the top row), or just one of them on the display?
      Have you changed any wiring or valves lately?

      Brian – aka the Irritrol RD600 RainDialDoctor

  14. My Rain Dial-R turns on some, not all, stations at additional unprogramed times. Looking at the display it shows the station which is running, but checking the program settings there is nothing to show this station should be running. The unit does follow the programed DAY, RUN, START times. These additional, unprogramed times follow the VALVE RUN times, but not the DAY or START times. Unit is a little more than 2 years old. Is this a board issue or do I need to replace the entire unit?

    • Hi Tim, Thanks for posting about your rain dial.

      I suspect that some of the behavior can be cleaned up by following the factory reset instructions on my DIY Troubleshooting page. However, I suspect that there is a reason that it is misbehaving. Even if the reset fixes the problems, keep a close eye on it for strange behavior. If you see anything else, just send both the timer and back terminal board in for repair. Then I’m confident you’ll never have any more trouble with it. Except for the problem I repair, they’re very reliable timers. It usually takes me a day to turn them around and they’re shipped with 2-day priority mail.

      Try the reset first and keep me in mind if it gives you any more trouble.
      Brian – aka – the rain Dial Doctor for Irritrol RD-600 series timers.

      • Reset didn’t work. Example: Station-1 programmed for 45-minutes starting 6am, it came on again at 10am. What do you need me to give to you for repair, the whole thing or just internal parts? I’m in Fountain Hills, so I could bring it by today.

  15. We have power the menu works but the water does not turn on? Is the board bad or are there wires connecting the housing to the cyclinoids which can come loose?

    • Thanks for posting. If u have a Rd-600-R, its likely a problem requiring both the backboard and the timer module to be repaired. Does it indicate on the display that the valve should be on or does it just flash off or blink the display? Let me know and I can help more

  16. My RD-600 is having multiple issues.

    #1. It was working, but I tried to test it. I attempted to power it off (from the plug) and then plug it back in.

    It wouldn’t power on. After awhile I was tinkering with it, and the LED display read 121 0
    Moving the dial around and changing things did nothing.

    #2 I tried to “reset it” by:
    1. Putting it into the B position
    2. Placing it on set program (the middle)
    3. Holding Manual
    4. Unplugging the ribbon (while it has power from the outlet)
    5. Waited 5 seconds and plugged the ribbon back in
    6. Released the manual button

    Now, I don’t get any power again.


    • I have the Rd-600 ext

      I just read your note about leaving the battery out and unplugged for 30 minutes. Trying that now.

      • Hi William,
        If that doesn’t help, I suspect you may have the RD-600-R model (look on the label near the semi-auto button). If you do, just drop me a quick message using the contact-us form and I’ll giv you all the details for repair.

        Even if you do get it working, keep a close eye on it – they often get intermittent and un-reliable, it may be better to send it in to avoid having to worry about it. I’m not very busy right now, so they get repaired the day they’re received, and in the return mail the next day.

        Let me know what your experiment yields,
        Thanks for posting,

  17. Anyway unit can water other than the times it is set for. Water company telling me my timer is water late at night. I have it set for 0500 to water. RD600 EXT

  18. Hello Brian,
    All valves are operational when I hit the start button manually, however, the indoor component of the rain sensor device (that synchs-up with the gauge/transmitter outside) constantly blinks green. I have tried re-setting but to no avail. Indoor device registers and stays red after a good rain and the control box will run the sprinklers manually as noted above when I hit bypass over-ride. It will sometimes stay red for a few days but that is OK, if it worked as desired. What do you suggest? Could it be the battery? Thanks.

    • Hi Rick,
      Being in Arizona, I don’t get much experience with rain sensors :-).
      Here are my thoughts:
      1) try new batteries, couldn’t hurt.
      2) try a full reset of everything, power everything down and back up. You can follow the reset instructions on this site in the DIY section.

      If none of that works and you have an RD-nnn-R

        model, I may know what the problem is. You’d need to send in a couple of the pieces.

        Anyway, give those a try first, if no luck, let me know and we can go further.

  19. RD 1200

    Model # 092303

    Selected zone will not come on, several try’s and then it will come on —Flashes on and off
    Unplug and then I try again ….

    • Hi Tim,
      Unfortunately, that’s a typical symptom of a failing controller. I’ll email you with repair details shortly.

      Brian – aka the RD600 rain dial doctor

  20. Hello. I have an old Hardie rain dial controller. It just says Hardie near the bottom right but does not have a model number on the left, it is blank (I think it may be an RD-600). I currently have two issues. First, the + – buttons on the top right stopped working. For a while I would have to push them 3-4 times to get them to work but now when I push them, nothing happens. The other issue is the numbers in the hour column on the clock/timer are starting to fade/disappear. For example, the number 8 only shows part of the number and a couple other number are just blank. Can these issues be fixed/repaired or am I better off buying a new controller? Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, those issues can usually be fixed. If not, I have some replacement options available. I’d suggest you send it in for repair and we’ll go from there. Just send it in – For details, see the page on how to get it repaired.

      Thanks for posting,
      Brian – the Rain Dial Doctor

      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks for the response. Will you just need me to send the controller or will you also need the connector board?



        • From the description of the problem, you don’t need to send the back terminal board. If you’re willing to take on the extra hassle, there’s no reason not to; I can inspect and test it. It’s up to you.

          Brian – the RD600, RD900, RD1200 rainDial doctor

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