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1) the date code (located under the battery),
2) the model number shown on the face of the controller (usually below and to the left of the dial, e.g., RD-600 or RD-600-R).
3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

484 thoughts on “Ask your questions here – (They will appear shortly)

  1. RD600 zones 4 (front sprinkler) and 5(drip) not working on manual attempt. All others zones run fine in manual.

    • Hi Sunny,
      When you say they don’t work, what happens? E.g, does the display just switch to ‘OFF’, or does the display indicate the valves are on, but the water doesn’t flow?

      Let me know and I can advise more…
      Brian – aka the RD600 series rainDialDoctor

  2. I have a Rain Dial RD1200 INT which is 16 years old and it is not working. The display is erratic and either flashes different codes or is frozen at times. I have removed the battery for 10 minutes each time and plugged back in. Still not working.
    I live in Cleve, OH area.
    Please respond with your thoughts if I should repair/replace.
    Thank you,

    • Hi John,

      It sounds like it just needs to be repaired. It’s not that old actually, I repair them as old as 1992, so they have a lot of life in them.
      They’re almost always repairable, but if it’s not a good repair candidate when we get it, we have other options that we’ll discuss at the time.
      You can use the contact-us form to reach us and ask for all the repair details.

      Thanks for posting,

  3. I have RD-1200R 10/2010. For a long time the clock was not functional property. If I set the correct time today, someday later, the time would be significantly off the correct time, e.g. off by 12 hours. Recently the display on the controller was completely blank. I replaced the 9 V backup battery. transformer voltage was 26.7v. The display came back and the controller functions as expected for a couple of days. Now the display is blank again. still the new battery is in place. Voltage from transformer is still 26.7V. Fuse is intact.

    • Hi Shawn,

      It sounds like you’ve done a good job troubleshooting. I’d recommend sending the timer and back terminal board in for repair and we’ll get it working like new again. If you have other questions, just use the contact-us form… We usually repair and get them in the mail the next day.

      Brian – aka the rainDial Doc

  4. Hello,

    I have 4 sprinkler zones set up on my rail dial, 2 to run during A and the other two running during B. While running manually I run the two at the same time to reduce the water pressure and evenly water my lawn. However when I have my programs going the valves only go one at a time and over water my lawn. Is it possible to fix this and have two valves go at once and even water my areas?

    Thank you.

    • The timers are only intended to run one valve at a time.. You might be able to set the start times for A and B to the same time, but I don’t know if it’ll let you do that.
      You could also wire two valves to one screw terminal (say east valve and west valve wires both go to terminal 1) but again, the timer wasn’t intended to do that. Give it a try, see if it works.

      The best fix (the right way) is to adjust your sprinklers so you have even watering.

      Let me know what you end up doing,
      Thanks ,
      Brian – aka RD600 series repair doc

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