Buy – RD-600 (module only)

It this is out of stock, get the RD600 Upgrade instead.

Select this option to replace your existing Rain Dial controller. Details are below. (Continental US Only).

Secure payments are made using PayPal which also accepts all major credit cards; and your contact information is kept private. If you send a check with the unit, make it out to "Brian Keller."

You must pay to ship back your old, non-working timer when you received this one.

  1. Ship time: Typically 2 days..

Price: $60.00

Shipping: $0.00

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2 thoughts on “Buy – RD-600 (module only)

  1. My RD 600 has a bad circuit board 102-7995. Does your” module only”
    Include this board and board 102-6177-revB
    Please explain what you mean by module for $60
    Thank you,

    • Hi Dave, good question. I define the “module” as being the part with the dial and LCD and the circuitry inside it that makes the LCD function etc. People sometimes call it the clock.

      The backboard or terminal board is different, it screws into the housing or case and is what you see if you swing the clock out on its hinges. It has the screw terminals on it that connect to the valve wires and is a yellowish or white board about 4”x5”

      I hope that helps

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