Buy – RD-1200 UPGRADE to RD-1200-R (module only)

Purchase this Irritrol RD-1200 module upgrade - RD-1200-R

If you have an older Gray RD1200/RD-1200 that's having problems, this is an incredible deal while we purge stock.

You're purchasing a newer RD-1200-R model with an adapter to use in your existing RD1200 chassis and terminal board.   It has all the new features that go along with it and you won't have to re-wire or install anything.

Best features of the RD-1200-R Upgrade

  1. The programming is stored permanently; it remains even if the battery dies.
  2. Rain-delay feature - if it's raining, you can tell it to stop watering for the number of days you specify and then it will automatically start again.
  3. There are endless others - see the user manual for more details.

How long will it take to install the RD-1200 upgrade?

This will take you literally 15 seconds to unplug the old module and install the new one.

Details of purchase

This is a new or refurbished and guaranteed RD-1200 -R module (you'll use your existing back connector/terminal board).  It contains an adapter connector allowing it to fit an older RD-1200 system.

When not to buy?

If you already have an RD-1200-R module, do not buy this one. Contact us instead.

RD1200 recycling program

Although not required, we ask that you send your old RD1200 module to us after you receive the new one.

Secure payments are made using PayPal which also accepts all major credit cards; and your contact information is kept private.

  1. Ship time: Typically 2 days..

This module purchase replaces the Irritrol RD1200 module. It contains an adapter cable that allows it to be connected into your existing RD1200 system. You get all the new features in the RD-1200-R module without having to upgrade everything. It's the perfect way to replace your RD-1200 and nearly the same price as repairing or exchanging it.

Price: $95.00

Shipping: $7.00

This product has sold out.

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