Buy – RD-1200-R (module and backboard)

Full featured RD-1200-R with 20 pin connectors.
(Over 12 sold)

You're buying the following:
1) One RD-1200-R Controller Module with 20 pin connector
2) One Back Connector Board with 20 pin connector
Both are refurbished and fully tested, warranty included.

Our years of repair experience suggests that you should replace both the controller and back connector board.  This will ensure all problems have been addressed and you'll enjoy worry free operation for years to come. This is why we sell both together.

Irritrol RD1200-R RainDial Sprinkler Control Module for sale

Price: $115.00

Shipping: $6.85

This product has sold out.

2 thoughts on “Buy – RD-1200-R (module and backboard)

  1. Would like to know how I could just get just the board that the station wires connect to -? 16 pin connector, P/N 102-3370

    • Hi Keith,

      I can sell you one of those – I’ll drop you a separate email. Thanks for posting,


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