Repair – RD1200, RD1200-R

Purchase this option to have your existing Rain Dial RD1200 or RD1200-R controller repaired.  Simply mail it to us, we'll repair it and send it back. Details are below. (Continental US Only).

Secure payments made using PayPal, all major credit cards are also accepted and your contact information is kept private.

  1. Repair time: Typically 2 days.
  2. What's needed for repair:
    1. The controller unit without the battery - just 30 seconds to remove, see this link for details
    2. Back-connector board (not the case with the transformer, just the board).   Sometimes this isn't necessary to send - but we always recommend sending it. If you're not comfortable removing it, let me know.  With a few more questions we should be able to determine how critical it is to send it. If you have a "mostly blue label" controller, or models with -R at the end you must send it.  
      • Just loosen the screws holding the wires, slide them out, then remove 4 "Philips" screws that hold it  into the case.
      • Do not send the entire case (it's too much work), just the yellow or white connector board with all the screw terminals.

Address for mailing/drop-off:
Brian Keller
5435 W. Greenbriar Dr.
Glendale, AZ, 85308

Drop Off Instructions:
Any time, day or night, put it in the brown storage box located behind the post near my front door; include your name and phone number.

I'll contact you when it's repaired and tested, and will provide provide payment instructions.

Repair broken RD1200 and RD1200-R sprinkler timers

Price: $65.00

Shipping: $0.00

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3 thoughts on “Repair – RD1200, RD1200-R

  1. Could we have a manual in German without costs for Model “RD 12 Plus – E” by email..

    Your help will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Christine Maresch

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