RD-600 – Quick TradeIn/Exchange: Pre-Purchase – Refund Upon Return

Purchase this and send us a photo of your sprinkler timer to rainDialDoctor@gmail.com.

We'll immediately send you a refurbished unit.  You pay for an exchange/repair, plus a $40 deposit that will be refunded when we receive your old unit.  If your controller is in excessively poor condition the refund may be less, but it's usually a full refund.  This gets a replacement to you faster than waiting for us to receive and repair it.

Price: $95.00

Shipping: $7.00

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4 thoughts on “RD-600 – Quick TradeIn/Exchange: Pre-Purchase – Refund Upon Return

  1. My RD-600 is dying, I don’t have the time to send in and wait for repair and send back. Can you ship NEW one and credit back when I send in OLD one?

      • Hi Dean,
        I turn them around usually in a day – and ship back 2-day priority mail.
        As for your concerns about getting water to your plants: You can manually water without the timer by turning the solenoid or relief screw on the valve itself, If you can’t find examples on Google, let me know.

        Brian – aka the Rain Dial RD600 timer doctor

    • Hi Dean, Yes, I can pre-send one. You just pay more for it and then I issue a refund of the difference after I get the old one back.
      Look in the Store for that option…

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