How do I program the RD600

For help programming the RainDial RD600-1200 series sprinkler/irrigation controllers, see the following programming guide and then review the manuals above. This is a quick guide, not the user manual.  If you’d like to see the full manual, click here.

Irritrol Programming Templates and Tips

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  1. Hi Eric,
    From the 2008 user manual – you can download it from the manuals page.
    Setting the Current Time and Day
    1. Place the Function switch in the Set Programs (center) position.
    2. Turn the Dial to the Current Time position.
    3. Press the or button to set the current time (note AM/PM).
    Note: When using the or button, press and release to
    adjust in steps, or press and hold to scroll.
    4. Turn the Dial to the Today position.
    5. Press the or button to select the current day (abbreviation).
    Note: If Odd/Even schedule or Monthly Water Budget is used, the
    current day of the week is preset and cannot be changed.
    6. Return the Dial to the Current Time position.
    7. Return the Function switch to the Run position

  2. I actually had my front and back yard on opposite days. I must not have the days set correctly with the date. I can see how to set the year, but not the actual date. I changed the days watering to everyday and did a trial with schedule c for directly outside my garage where I can see it go on and it went on instantly. I think the days are not set properly and I’m not quite sure how to do so wth the day, just the year. Any help to change date would be greatly appreciated thanks so much for all your help so far

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